This time around though its from the Black Library and Gav Thorpe. I have been keeping up on Gav Thorpe's series of books about eldar and their background, which I think is the strongest part of his books so far, and I expect this one to be no different. The exciting part of this is its about Howling Banshees.

I for one cannot wait to see any new artwork being produced for this.

Here is the bit via Gav Thorpe via Facebook and found by Tzeentch's Dark Agent on Bols Lounge

Now it's time to start on Howl of the Banshee, a new Eldar audio.

 did toy around with the idea of having a main character as a male Banshee for Path of the Warrior, but not this time around - it will be an all-female cast. It's a one-off story not related to the Path series, with the characters hailing from Biel-tan rather than Alaitoc.

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