Introducing Dez, and his first article for Faeit 212;
I had a few minutes waiting for paint to dry, and I got a bit carried away. I needed to convert a blaster, so I thought I would take pictures of the process and share with the class. This is the first attempt, and I think it came out pretty good for being done so fast and easy.

The items you will need are an Exacto Knife, Glue, a Shredder and a Blast Pistol.

Cut the ammo bit off. This was a clean, easy cut to make.

Next, carefully cut the end of the Shredder. The bit that goes under the barrel is very fragile, it took me a second attempt to not completely snap it. Even then, I had to glue it back together because I put a small amount of pressure on it. 

Next, cut the barrel off the Blast Pistol.

Glue the barrel onto the Shredder, and you're done! Wasn't that easy? You've probably got a ton of these laying around too.

Have Fun, and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

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