It looks like the Wall of Martyrs will indeed get at least part of its terrain with rules, or perhaps they will also sell the bunker part separately. This rumor set includes a "Battle Bunker" as a fortification listing. Of course this is still a rumor.

Dark Angels heavy support is listed here as well as a dedicated transport list.

Please remember that these are rumors

via Stickmonkey on Bols Lounge (posted by Bigred)
Predator - Plasma and "Reaper Cannon" new main gun option, no new sponson options - new model kit possible (and the Predator is kind of an old kit).

Whirlwind - Flakk missile option.

Land Raider - Dark Angels get all the current Imperial types. Deathwing can take then at dedicated transports.

Dreadnought - The classics that we know and love, moving on...

Devastator Squad - Flakk missile option.

Vindicator - Nothing new here...

Siege Cannon - Techmarine's mortar-like cannon. Multiple sources speak of this model being somehow interchangable with Imperial Guard artillery kits to round out the last missing models. ~Editor's note: the Griffon perhaps?

Rhino - Standard rules.

Razorback - Standard rules, new updated model kit with ALL turret weapons options mentioned.

Land Raider - Deathwing Terminators ONLY.

Land Speeder Storm - Scouts only.

Battle Bunker - from the Wall of Martyrs kit.

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