Dark Angels are getting plasma, and from the looks of it, its everywhere. This rumor set contains rumor bits for Troop and Fast Attack choices and comes from the Stickmonkey. Take a look and enjoy.

Please remember that these are rumors. Also if you are intersted, all the latest rumors from stickmonkey are being compiled over on Bols, follow the link below if you want to take a look.

via Stickmonkey on Bols Lounge
Deathwing Terminators - Same general layout as we have now, but with additional Plasma Cannon and Autocannon heavy weapon options.

Tactical Squads - The old classics we all love, moving on...

Ravenwing Bike Squad - Up to ten bikers, for each 5 bikes, you may upgrade one to an Attack bike.  Attack bike gunner options are: HB, MM, HF, Twin-linked Plasmagun!. Squad can Combat Squad and has Teleport Homers.

Ravenwing Landspeeder Support Squad - Same as now, but gunner option are: HB, MM, HF, Twin-linked Plasmagun!

Ravenwing Bike Support Squad - Full Attack Bike unit (this might also be a duplicate report of the TROOPS Bike Squad)

Assault Squad - Same old classic jump-pack squad we have now.

Ravenclaw Air Superiority Fighter - Dual "Reaper Cannons" allowing Snap Shots on flyers. Can be replaced with 2x Missiles, or 2x Plasma Cannons.

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