This week was a hard one, and I felt like I fell so far behind on what was going on in the world of our Hobby that it was going to be impossible to get caught up. There was a lot of rumors going on and even though the month of November looks rather weak in terms of releases, there is a lot going on at the end of December.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

General Personal Stuff.
Lets get this down to a quick brief. The house did not close again, but that is the new norm. Cancel movers, painters, reschedule, bitch a lot, etc. Still living out of boxes and getting tired of hand washing plastic silverware.

Kidney stone probably passed, no signs of it, and I have not been on pain meds since Wednesday. As far as my lungs go, they just hurt when I breathe, but are healing. So over-all a better health report than last week when I had pneumonia. I have been told it will take me a couple weeks to fully recover.

Dark Angels
Very little makes me happier at the moment (besides maybe getting better and getting my house), than knowing that Dark Angels are just a heart skip and a beat away. Pre-orders coming up in December will be fantastic, and I look forward to seeing the new units and models.

My Dark Vengeance models have been just sitting around, and it would be fantastic to really get into them, and field them on the tabletop.

The rumors so far, seem tame enough, with several options for deathwing and ravenwing units. I definitely will be looking closer at bikes, and I hope the that the codex really gets into those options, rather than just turning into another mostly terminator army.

Chaos Daemons
I know that my view on the February release will look like a White Dwarf insert. We have heard otherwise off of warseer that it will be a dual codex/Army book release, but that seems a little far fetched. I would love to see a dex release, but I am going with the most logical rumor sets I have heard.

I suppose the next issue with February Daemons, is that I do not expect them in the February White Dwarf, but instead in the March edition, which would mean pre-orders towards the end of February. I know the rumors are not stating this yet, but I just wanted to throw it out, so that those expecting a Feb Chaos Daemons release are not thinking February 2nd (first saturday of the month).

Wrapping it Up
Once I get moved, things will settle down on this end quickly. Back to some battle reports, model work, etc. Right now its rather difficult to have all my models packed and buried under a mountain of boxes. I am also re-looking at the layout of the site some, so there could be some over-all changes coming with the new year.

I know first off this week though, expect the rumor compilations to be updated, because they are all way out of date.

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