One place that people look for insight into what is going to be released is the latest Black Library novels. There was a Black Library weekender, and ravenwing was at its forefront. Our source attended, and this is what he was able to report.

A huge thanks to our source for reporting back to us. We appreciate things like this, since it is so hard for most of us in the world to know what goes on at these events.

via the Faeit 212 inbox from Carl (name altered because I do not have permission to use it)

Just reading ravenwing book at blacklibary weekender ravenwing might not get jetbikes still says the technology Is lost but a land speeder called dark shrouds which obscure the area to protect other craft dark talons with hurricane bolters and land speeders with plasma cannons all feature early on also nephilim fighters weather they are in the new codex I don't know but are defo in the book

The new units in the ravenwing book are black knights they ride bikes and have plasma weapons and hammers with a ravens beak on the back they are the sammeal's elites and are almost ready for the deathwing also the deathshourd land speeders which use relics for the tower of angels attached to power generators to project a veil of darkness ahead of there squadron to protect there units and vengance class speeders with plasma cannons. Flyers seem to be dark talons which have hurricane bolters and nephilim fighters. The book is fantastic also. Was told when I asked if they would be in the codex that it was researched very deeply!

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