I had not posted this earlier, simply because it was so similar to what we already had for a rumored release. However, I think its very valid to at least get post this up on what the rumored releases will be for Dark Angels coming January.

Please remember that these are rumors. This was posted up on Bols a couple days ago.

via Stickmonkey on Bols
Expected Dark Angels Launch miniatures:
Deathwing Box
Ravenwing Box
Dark Angels Powered Armor Box
Mystery Large Vehicle

3 New Characters:
...existing characters moved to finecast.

Dark Angels recieve a Full codex - not a White Dwarf update.


  1. Am I the only one that wonders why the new RW box? I think the one now of fine. But this does beg the question, to snap up some RW battleforces now, or wait?

    1. They'd probably be new sculpts without tiny bolters!

    2. It's talk of making the DV Ravenwing bikes be the standard look for Ravenwing now.

    3. I personally think that rumor is more wishful thinking than truth. Maybe it is a smaller box with 3 bikes.

    4. I wonder why we only get 1 new thing!!!!
      (prob a ugly flyer)

      seams unfair in regards to what csm got???

      all the ICrs are old and unless new gamebreaking rules not even worth the time painting.

    5. I'm half and half with you ANON@09:58AM

      I've only been playing DA since 5th edition for a little less than a year.

      We're possibly (rumors remember) getting more than one new thing :)
      New mystery vehicle, new codex (which inside could very well have some great new rules or layouts), new options for DW, new look for RW, thought there were rumors back about a possible new speeder, etc.

      Depends how you see it a guess? Even with the new codex and updated mini's seems nice to me.

      I will definatly agree with your point on the IC's. I never played Asmodai, or Namaan. I know a mini exhists for Asmodai. Belial has been fun playing, and I'd def be happy with an acual model for him (if it comes out good). I had to do a Belial Conversion from Astral Claws Huron guy or something. Worked out well and all.

      Either way getting some love is better than leaving us behind.

      Guess we'll all have to wait til January!

    6. I don't think the release will be too bad. By the sounds we're looking at RW DW, seige cannon of some kind, a flyer (dual kit or two individual), plasma predator, Namaar, Belial, and a PA inner circle-esque squad. I'm not holding breath for a new tactical squad box yet. And all these goodies might mean a new, not impossible to find Battleforce!

    7. "seams unfair in regards to what csm got???"

      Whilst I hope you DA boys get more, the only "new" thing that CSM got that was of any use what-so-ever in game terms was the Helldrake and to me, it looks like a zoid....sigh.

    8. The fiends can be quite useful.

    9. I'd trade every new model CSM's got for 3 new Characters.
      I think one of the biggest tragedies of the new CSM codex is that there were NO new characters, we just got rehashes of all the ones we got last time.

    10. @Nate

      Yeah OK I'll give you that...;). "quite useful" is not the same as actually useful though...;). I like the maulerfiend - it looks cool with the tentacles, unfortunately the tentacles make it less useful at it's job. It's speed and ability to ignore cover gives it a fighting chance of doing what it's meant to do at least once, but it is just too brittle to last for long. The Forgefiend I like less. 8, bs3, high strength shots are just not enough for 170pts. As an example a hammerhead with a disruption pod would it eat for breakfast and for 15pts less - before turning it's pie plate on the havocs you should have bought more of instead of the FF. And before anyone else chimes in, It will not die is only vaguely useful in the highly unlikely event it survives any kind of mildly serious incoming fire. 5++? Meh. Cover saves are better as the said HH with a dr has just demonstrated to your dead FF. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, any anything new is at least something but the Helldrake is the only "must have" in the new release line up. But what a "must have" it is...;)

  2. Wait, I think it will be a box of the DV bikers.

  3. I guess SM meant new models cause belial, asmodai sms naaman are not NEW to DA list...
    However Asmodai doesnt need a new model cause the current one is pretty good...
    DW and RW boxes are rumored since months.
    The power armour box could be the rumored inner citcle/brother interrogators box... But in the latest rumors SM moved inner citcle from PA to TDA so he doesnt even know what thus box could be.
    The large veichle can be the flyer or the plasma predator...
    Most of these rumors dont surprise me...

    And u expect DA to have double the kits listed here...



    1. Dunno what you're smoking, Asmodai's current model is ancient and just barely passable. I like the crossed-weapons pose, but if he's coming back he needs a new model that doesn't also look like it's doing jumping jacks.

    2. Sorry, disregard my comment about the crossed weapons, dunno what model I was thinking of. But he still looks too damn old.

    3. I think one of the rumors stated that Asmodai was going to be in TDA. Perhaps that is the model they are talking about. Sidenote, I love the current model!

    4. they are calling it new even if its just a finecast rereleas!

    5. dont hold your breath for a new asmodai model. Tyco, dante, meph, Karn, etc... all needed new models just based on the fact that the current ones arnt even the right scale and GW didn't give us one.

    6. and abaddon... poor mini abaddon, looks puny next to real terminators

  4. there is literally no information in this post and there never is. Lets be honest the rumour mill doesn't really exist anymore, all this post says is new death wing raven wing and tac marines and a mystery vehicle, and then it names old characters, i call bull s**t. Remember the chaos release every month this site was like next month guaranteed chaos release and it took forever to get here. just saying guys these sites give us less info than GW these days


    1. If you don't like the bits then don't come. Everyone here knows that this is more or less a gossip circle for gamers to chat up what we want. Deal or get out and stop acting like L. Russ. when the great Lion showed him up.

      Personally I like the he said / she said of the site. The little back and forths break up the work day.

    2. It's an inane post because of Stickmonkey doing what he always does. There are reliable sources (Hastings, Harry, Tastytaste, Bramgaunt, Grant) out there, but they're increasingly hard to notice amid the tide of nonsense.

      I know Natfka's policy is to report everything he hears, so he shouldn't be "blamed" for this, but anyone with a working copy of Google can easily check out Stickmonkey's track record, and he REALLY is the proverbial boy who cried wolf.

    3. Tastytaste is reliable? The guy who said 6th Edition fluff was moving forward and that Space Marines and Tau were best bros now?

    4. true
      rumors are more than ever slow and guessing

    5. Rumors are still out there. Just remove stickmonkey and 99% of the vague trash rumors disappear.

    6. Tastytaste's "reliable" in the sense that he's been right about things before (most recently the CSM codex, back when we were being fed TheDarkGeneral's "playtest rumours"), so he shouldn't be dismissed out of hand. Stickmonkey should.

  5. It will make me a little sad if they bring Namaan back, considering he is supposed to be dead. Asmodi is neat, and Belial is WAY overdue for a model. There’s not really a need for a RW box with the one currently produced. DW box would be nice, but I can’t see GW putting all terminator options in one box.

    1. I dunno, the Grey Knight Terminator box is pretty reasonable. I'd hope for the same thing from the Deathwing box.

    2. A few thoughts, the rumor is they're changing the lore do that Namaan is more or less a title. The RW are being changed to fit the sculpts from DV and have you not seen the Wolf Guard terminators for space wolves?

    3. So lots of codices have characters that are dead.. tyco... a certain eldar thats been in every eldar army for the past 4 years... etc...

    4. I'm not saying they won't release him, just that it would make me a bit sad to go against the fluff like that. Tyco I can't say anything on, but with Eldrad they at least worked it in as shards of his past self.

      Grey knights have a very independent look with the wrist guns and warrent their own box. I didn't realize the wolf guard had all they did, still not full load outs but definately a lot of options.

      Who knows, maybe GW will give me good and bad surprises.

    5. The official lore is that Naaman was last seen being caught in the explosion of an ork dread. If Lukas the Trickster can survive having a heart torn out, I'm sure a mere explosion is no big deal.

    6. I can see there being all the options in the box, why wouldn't there be? As pointed out, the GK Terminator/Paladins include all the options, and I'd say they're a fairly good indicator. And as you Lukas can survive that, and he's only a Space Wolf!

    7. If I recall Purging of Kadillus "that" Naaman was the latest in a long line of Dark Angels to bear that name. (This does tie in with the idea of Dark Angels abandoning their old life and taking a new name on adoption into the Chapter) I would not put it beyond GW to claim that there is a new Scout Sergeant of that name who has Matt Ward-esque disregard for previous fluff and indeed narrative logic.

  6. Gw already has loads of space marines for sale, forge world has just released loads of space marines . - why the hell do you guys want even more?

  7. Cause SM sell more than anything and it's nice to have variety. My other thought is I think any one who plays pretty much any army is going to want/be excited for new models.

    1. Kind of ironic that you're defending more SM releases by talking about variety lol.

  8. ^^
    Because they ARE Space Marines!!! ;)

    So I cant wait to see Belial.......let's hope they (ehmm he) didn't screw him (vice versa the rules). I don't mind about the RW box, I'd rather die then field some Bikes. DW is another thing to have a close look@. PA Box will be DV PA Dudes without SnapFit..... No Idea about this Tank.....

    PLZ GW give us Codex and Modells!!! Otherwise FW will get my "to spend @ X-Mas Money"!!

  9. Mystery Large vehicle. Dark Angel flyer? or perhaps one of the vehicles from the gw 2013 release list (landraider medusa,land avenger).

  10. Nothing really new in this post however i cant wait for the new stuff to show up :D however i will find the sudden rush of people that then "like" DA to be pretty annoying, i liked DA because of there lore, the models etc and the thought of all the BA, SW players switching to the new "flavour" of the month infuriating.

    But oh well i suppose ill just have to beat there ass into submission as only a true follower can.
    That or build up my pre herest force of Emp children more and start using them :P

    1. The things, though I don't play and only have very, very few models comparatively (20 characters, my love for the hobby aspect ensures that I am always excited for new potential character models, no matter the faction haha.

  11. Take a chill pill. They will come and go and we will still be here when the next flavour of the month arrives, painting our robes and hunting the fallen....

  12. Why do people keep listening to this guy!

    -DAs have a power armor box
    -Is it that hard to guess that the DV termis would be sold separably in a box
    -RW has a box
    -again, character getting a model isn't really a ground breaking rumor

    Watch how this works:

    Dark Angels are going to get new options for Raven Wing and Death Wing!

    Vague, no pictures, nothing to back the claim, and almost a given in a new codex.

    here is another one for you:

    The new codex will have a different cover picture!

  13. ****FORGEWORLD NEWS****

    Seems those rumours ages ago about forgeworld products being carried in GW stores was rubbish;

    "If there's Forge World book you want to pick up in store then now's the time! Forge World books will soon be available exclusively through www.forgeworld.co.uk .
    There are some books I have in stock but once they're gone, they're gone...

    x Imperial Armour Apocalypse Second Edition
    1x Imperial Armour Vol 6 - Siege of Vraks (Part 2)
    1x Imperial Armour Vol 7 - Siege of Vraks (Part 3)
    1x Imperial
    Armour Vol 9 - The Badab War (Part 1)
    1x Imperial Armour Vol 10 - The Badab War (Part 2)
    1x Imperial Armour Vol 11 - Doom of Mymeara
    2x Imperial Armour - Aeronautica
    1x Imperial Armour - Model Masterclass Vol 2

    1x The Throne of Chaos - Tamurkhan
    1x Monstrous Arcanum

    So if you want any of these books best to come on down asap or give us a call so we can put it aside for you for a few days."


  14. Played Dark Angels since January 2012, as gay as it sounds i'm not looking forward to people thinking the only reason i play DA is because they're the most up to date spess mahreens ._.

  15. I am unhappy with this turn of events!


  16. @jed
    Sucks man I feel you, thats why I have a xenos army to hold me over when bandwagoners/hipster move on to the next new codex.


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