First off, the image above is a conversion. None of the rumors below are discussing a Tau Titan, but instead a Dreadknight sized suit that has the aesthetics of the image above.

That being said, a large Dreadknight suit sounds rather fun for Tau. You should heavily expect more and more people moving towards having a small collection of Tau in their armies, after all already a unit of Tau Broadsides with dual Railguns is a fantastic addition to any army list.

The following were taken from Warseer. The image above comes from doing the google image search "Fil Dunn Tau"

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Anybody who might be interested in what tau models (or at least one of them) you can really expect next year might want to type "Fil Dunn tau" into a google image search.

Just to clear things up there IS something very similar to that image coming for tau.

via Stickmonkey (an old quote from a long time ago)
I do have sources telling me there is a bigger suit, which has been reported from others. Reports have it being a ranged beast(metaphorically, not literally) with 2 twin linked rail cannons and a missile option.

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Basically according to my sources it's pretty much a Dreadknight sized suit with dual (note not twin linked) rail cannons and SMS with a rule for something I will call "hail-fire" in that it shoots massive barrage of weapondry if not moving in the movement phase.

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