Dark Angels will be a very interesting codex release regardless if you plan on going with Dark Angels or not. First off, they should be extremely popular just because of the starter sets, and second, it will be our first Space Marines codex in 6th edition. So it should give a lot of insight into the direction of marines in the future.

This rumor bit is brought to us by Master Sheol, and comes from the italian GWtilea site. Please take with a large amount of salt on this one, as suggested in the rumor. Remember, lots of salt....

via Master Sheol on Warseer
New rumors from italian GWtilea forum.
-WW will get a recut with a third missile rack with a single big missile (AA skyhammer option?)
- two new kinds of flyers one smaller and one bigger (rumored Darktalon and Nephilim from BL book?)

Take these rumors with a HUGE amount of salt.

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