This one looks slick, with Deathwing Terminators assaulting off of deepstrike and taking options like Plasma Cannons. They of course are seperated into different unit types for deathwing like some earlier rumors were saying, for HQ, Elite, and Troop units.

Take a look, it looks like Dark Angels are going to be tough.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Stickmonkey over on Bols
Honor Guard Terminator squad unlocked by select HQs (Belial - others???). One such unit per HQ, only one may carry a Chapter Banner. Other banners exist however. Models are W:2 WS/BS:5 Non-scoring. Can take Apothecary.

Elite Terminators are W:1, WS/BS:5. Unit has new CC options neverbefore seen on termys. Unit size max of 5. Vanguard Strike upon Deepstriking!

Troops Terminators are standard DW. Sergeant may upgrade to to Chaplain. Can take new options such as Plasma Cannon. Up to 10 models per unit. No more Cyclone/CC option on single models. Mix of CC and Ranged models still permitted withing unit.

RW Command Squad is only unlocked by select HQ characters. One banner option for RW. No apothecary for RW, with a "Mini-Chaplain" upgrade instead. This option provide a Litanies buff his unit only.

Troop RW squad matches the current RW bike squad, minus the Speeder.

RW Attack Bikes - plasma gunner option
RW Land Speeders - plasma gunner option

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