Yesterday we had some rumors that required quite a bit of salt and included plasma rounds for Assault Cannons and some other things. This morning we are stepping back a little bit, with some rumors that sound much more logical and very doable. Lets take a look.

Please remember that these are rumors

via Dave (from the Faeit 212 Inbox)
I just read yesterdays rumor post about Deathwing, this is nothing like what I have been told by the Games Workshop source I know. This is what I was told.

*HQ models will be recast into finecast. Same models
*New Belial model robes, powersword, stormbolter, or plasma bolter combi
*New Chaplain
*Deathwing Box Set: Comes with 3 options; Normal DW Terminator Squad, Command/HQ Squad with Banner and Apothecary, and an Elite Squad with Plasma Cannon options
*Ravenwing Box Set: Bikes remodeled and look like the Ravenwing bikes from Dark Vengeance, but same build as normal bikes, also with added weapons for the new Ravenwing Elite unit.

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