Rumors are fickle things, and often come from some vein of truth to them. Earlier we were discussing a walker (vehicle) for Tau. Here is the stats for what might possibly be the same unit, (although it could be a different one), since this one is a monstrous creature.

Playtesting is a hazardous thing for rumors, since they are true when they are released, but may look completely different when the final product is in hand. This is probably one of those cases, and if you are one of the playtesters that likes to chime in on occasion.... this would be a great opportunity to do so, or email me at

Please remember that these are playtesting rumors, take with salt. So which would you prefer? The monstrous creature Tau Battlesuit, or the Walker?

via shaso_iceborn on Warseer
it's pretty much a Dreadknight sized suit with dual (note not twin linked) rail cannons and SMS with a rule for something I will call "hail-fire" in that it shoots massive barrage of weaponry if not moving in the movement phase.

WS2, BS4, S5, T6, W4, I2, A2, Ld8, Sv2+4++ (corrected stats)
As usual I pass along only what I hear so take with applicable salt.

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