Yesterday we had some rumors about the LotR and the Hobbit. Some of it is apparently true and accurate, and yet some of it was apparently wrong. Lets get down to the truth of what is coming from a very reliable source.

Please remember that while these are classified as rumors, these are as good as an announcement.
Just in case you missed yesterday's rumors that this set if referring to, please follow the link.

via the Faeit 212 inbox (An anonymous source)
Regarding those hobbit rumours

100% true is  
LotR will be renamed to "The Hobbit"
Content of the box (miniatures) will be roughly equal to Dark Vengeance

Some was 100% NOT true 
Rulebook being an exclusive to the starters box is a lie. you are in for a surprise.
the new rules wont revolutionize the current ruleset, but change is coming.
Pricing wont be more than isle of blood and dark vengeance, rather the same.

i dont know anything about a supplement or a limited edition.


  1. Nice 40k rumour ;)

    1. Just so you are aware... its not a 40k rumor.

    2. No rly :)

      BTW it kidna is, reading this we know that there is nothing good for 40k in next month so we can get back to painting.

  2. What's the picture of a pile of ships at the bottom of the GW newsletter of? The rest of the letter has the mega forces and wall of martyrs

    1. It's to do with the comment below the picture "shipping you can trust"

    2. Pretty cool conversions or whatever-they-ares regardless though.

  3. "Contents of box will be equal to DV"

    So they will get dwarfs on bikes and hobbits wielding powerfists and terminator armour? Nice!

    Also wasnt terrain rumored to be in the set?

    1. I want to see gandalfs plasma cannon

  4. So the game is gonna be called Hobbit Strategy Battle Game?


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