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I started with the beast snaggas army box and built up this force from there. I used savage orruks from the age of sigmar range to create burna boyz [after buying some lootas], tankbustas [after raiding the bitz box] as well as a third unit of beast snaggas. Continuing the raiding of the bitz box I created three trukks, two battlewagons, a kill rig, a deff dread, a megatrakk scrapjet and a wasbom blastajet. My warboss Starkilla uses the warboss on maw krusha model from Aos and counts as a beastboss on squigosaur {The normal model was not available at the time} 

So far, I have played three games with this army and have clocked up two wins and a loss. (won against Astra militarium and Blood angels, Lost against space wolves.)


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