We are finally getting the return of the Black Templar Army Boxset, which includes an early release of the Black Templar Codex Supplement. Most excellent return. Also coming are two Blood Bowl releases and the new White Dwarf.

Black Templars Army Set
This box is absolutely packed with righteous fury, as the unmistakable Imperial Fists successor Chapter puts the ‘grim’ into grimdark and gets tooled up for the latest edition of Warhammer 40,000.*

Containing 13 miniatures, 12 of which are available for the first time in this very box, this is the perfect place to start a Black Templars army or build on your existing force. Leading the charge is the stunning new Emperor’s Champion, and ensuring that the correct vows are uttered and devotions followed is a Marshal. 

These Space Marine heroes are supported by a Primaris Crusader squad, featuring four Neophytes, five Initiates, and a Sword Brother decked out with holy wargear. And for those heretics who prove tougher to purge with flamer, bolter, and blade, there’s also a Redemptor Dreadnought packing some seriously heavy firepower. 

Inside the box, you also get a Black Templars transfer sheet containing 226 decals to deck out your Space Marines with the requisite symbols of zealotry and piety. 

The Army Set offers you an opportunity to get an early copy of Codex Supplement: Black Templars, which has an exclusive cover featuring John Blanche’s stunning artwork from the third edition of Warhammer 40,000.

This 80-page book contains all the rules and lore you need to get started with the Black Templars.  Within its pages are Battle-forged rules that cover Templar Vows and Passions, new Stratagems, wargear, Relics, and a bumper Crusade section – very fitting for the questing knights whose crusade is already eternal.

Last but by no means least, there’s also a handy deck of Black Templars datacards, covering your core Stratagems, bespoke Stratagems, and your Templar Vows. 

This Army Set is coming next Saturday with a Pre-order Weekend Promise to ensure that no Black Templars fans miss out. Just like Kill Team: Octarius, we’re taking steps to ensure everyone who wants one can get their hands on a copy. Keep an eye on the Warhammer Community site, as we’ll be sharing more information on how this will work later in the week. 

Made or Order: they’ll only be available for a short time between Saturday the 9th of October and 6pm (BST) on Sunday the 17th of October.

Blood Bowl Amazon Team
Depending on which legend you choose to believe, the Amazons of Lustria are either the descendants of an adventurous group of Norse Valkyries who settled on their new-found continent or creations of the ancient gods themselves. Either way, as a tier one team in the Lustrian Superleague, their natural athleticism, agility, and propensity to violence make them brutal practitioners of Blood Bowl.

This set of 12 metal figures contains six Tribal Linewomen, one Eagle Warrior Thrower, two Piranha Warrior Catchers, and three Koka Kalim Blitzers.

Blood Bowl Tomb Kings Team

Every Khemrian Blood Bowl team is held together, quite literally, by a liche priest – an ancient wizard who also fulfils the usual roles of a head coach. Tomb Kings teams play in the Sylvanian Spotlight, coming in at tier two. With up to four Strength-5 Tomb Guardians per team, they excel at bashing other teams off the pitch – even if their ball-handling skills leave much to be desired.

This 12-piece set of metal miniatures includes six Skeleton Linemen, two Anointed Throwers, two Anointed Blitzers, and two Tomb Guardians.

White Dwarf 469
October’s issue brings gifts from the gods to the primordial Seraphon in the form of a battletome update, including rules for matched play and Path to Glory. 

The tricksy traitors of the Thousand Sons are also advancing inexorably into the new edition of Kill Team with a comprehensive set of rules for a Warpcoven Kill Team, which we gave you a sneak peek of earlier in the week. Inside this month’s issue, you’ll also find heaps of hobby content, a very special Battle Report, and so much more. 

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