Black Templar are coming this weekend to preorders and with that we are getting a preview of their relics and those that carry them. 

vi aWarCom

The Black Templars Army Set is arriving for pre-order this weekend – it’s stuffed full of cool new miniatures covered in knightly details. The box also contains a codex supplement full of fanatical rules, including a section on the Relics and Relic Bearers of the Chapter.

You may recall the tasty upgrade sprue we previewed when we introduced you to the rest of the Black Templars. If you want to go a step further – like every good Black Templar should – you can use one of these upgrades to single out your Relic-bearing miniature on the tabletop. 

The Black Templar Army Set is available for pre-order this weekend. As part of our pre-order weekend promise, anyone who pre-orders over the weekend is guaranteed to receive a set – even if we have to go questing into the darkest reaches of the factory to forge more copies of the box. 

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