Details and sprues are up today for some upcoming Black Templar releases! Lets see what is coming and just how good the Black Templar overhaul is.

via WarCom

After the fantastic Black Templars Army Set came out earlier this month, the full release of the rest of the range is nearly upon us. From upgrade sprues to special characters and entire squads in the panoply of eternal crusade, the Black Templars have been redesigned from the ground up.

The full range of Black Templars units will be out soon, including High Marshal Helbrecht, Chaplain Grimaldus, the Sword Brethren Squad.

Sword Brethren
The Sword Brethren are the elites at the top of the Chapter

The Castellan is based closely on the iconic cover art by John Blanche from the third edition of Warhammer 40,000. 

The Marshal shows his status in fully personalised artificer armour, with layering, rivets, and cables to give him a brutal and archaic look. His left pauldron and the cloak are a reminder that all Marshals are selected from the Sword Brethren (as are the Castellans).

Crusader Squad
Everything about the Crusader Squad suggests tradition and, well, eternal crusade. Their tabards become more damaged as brothers move up the hierarchy as “a bit of a symbolism to represent that they are a fleet-based Chapter”. 

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