A solid backstory and a promise of new rules coming to 40k for them puts this Kill Team setting on a good ground for both 40k and Kill Team players. 

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Last time we looked at the upcoming Kill Team: Chalnath, we found a sector awash with xenos forces capitalising on the chaos. Chief among them are the T’au, whose Fifth Sphere Expansion is pushing out from the Nem’yar Atoll and claiming numerous systems on the Imperium’s frontier. One such system is Vedik, with its vulnerable fortress world ripe for induction into the Greater Good.

Vedik’s worlds were unaware of the wars that surrounded them when representatives of the T’au Empire first made their overtures. By brokering trades with opportunistic Rogue Traders and providing access to food the world so desperately needed, the Water caste had little difficulty in winning over Vedik’s people.

A smooth transition to T’au control seemed assured until a battered fleet of Imperial vessels arrived without warning at the system’s edge. Filled with the Adepta Sororitas, the fleet had been separated from a nearby War of Faith and found its way to Vedik by sheer chance. Appalled by what they saw, the Sisters of Battle deployed to all of the system’s populated worlds and wrested them back with fire and fury.

As the T’au diplomatic mission had only token military support available, they were swept aside and fled the system. Many T’au merchants and diplomats who could not escape were forced underground, as purgation units of the Adepta Sororitas’ zealous Novitiates were formed to root them out.

The Fifth Sphere Expansion is not ready to give up on Vedik, and Commander Shadowsun has ordered a full fleet to retake the system. Teams of elite Pathfinders infiltrate Vedik’s cities to open the gate for Shadowsun’s arrival.

With more Imperial ships arriving in the system, the race is now on to secure a foothold before the T’au fleet arrives. Kill Team: Chalnath includes nine exciting missions charting the struggles between the two full kill teams of Novitiates and Pathfinders** – both included in the box – fought across a set of Imperial ruins. 

Each team is packed with options and has unique new Spec Ops Campaign rules, Ploys, and Equipment. They will also be fully usable in games of Warhammer 40,000, with rules coming soon.

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