What is in the Chalnath boxset for Kill Team? Its an excellent set with some great terrain and good miniature sets even if you aren't into Kill Team. Take a look.

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Two Full Kill Teams
The stars of the show are the kill teams themselves, with the new Adepta Sororitas Novitiates squaring off against an upgraded squad of T’au Pathfinders. 

The Novitiates are Battle Sisters-in-training, full of youthful zeal and a burning desire to prove themselves worthy of joining their power-armoured comrades. Their main sprue can be used to assemble a full team equipped with either autoguns or autopistols and razor-sharp swords, led by an experienced Sister Superior.

Even more fun is their upgrade sprue, which houses enough parts to make 10 distinct kinds of operative, ranging from the relic-bearing Novitiate Pronatus to the Novitiate Exactor with her twin neural whips.

Meanwhile, the T’au Pathfinders build upon their existing kit with an upgrade sprue full of advanced technology. Prototype weapons, advanced bionics, and sophisticated drone control systems ensure they always have the right tool for any job.

Imperial Ruins
The worlds of the Vedik system are littered with the remains of grand Imperial buildings, laid low by time and war alike. Back by popular demand, the included set of Sector Imperialis terrain features a selection of walls, platforms, and pillars to hide behind, with plenty of ornate windows to shoot from.

You’ll need something to lay it all out on too, and Chalnath has you covered with a thick double-sided game board covered in rubble and the worn remains of Imperial architecture.

Chalnath War Manual
As well as all the models in the box, Kill Team: Chalnath also comes with a full 96-page campaign book packed with background lore, Spec Ops narrative campaign rules, and nine scenarios making up the Shadow Operations: Chalnath mission pack.

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