The Tau are part of the new Kill Team Boxset Chalnath and today we get a preview of their rules to get an idea on what they will be able to do on a Kill Team battlefield.

via WarCom

Shas’ui* Pathfinders are consummate commanders, able to deftly read the flow of battle and adapt their tactics on the fly.

T’au military strategy focuses around two main doctrines – Mont’ka, the Killing Blow, and Kauyon, the Patient Hunter – and the Shas’ui Pathfinder can use his Art of War ability to call on one of these for a powerful turn-long bonus.

Almost every Pathfinder carries a markerlight, and the cumulative benefits make coordination between team members vital for getting the most out of your powerful guns.

Transpectral Interference Pathfinders, use sophisticated jamming devices to scramble enemy sensors and tie up their most important operatives.

Six different kinds available to Pathfinder kill teams
Drone Controller Pathfinder

Specialist equipment 

Their light armour and intense reconnaissance training

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