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These two tanks are 3D prints from the mind of the great Forge Smith Aphyrion (and can be found here: )
When fielded I use them as Dunecrawlers so to add the additional fire power I added a couple of armigers pintle weapons from @taromodelmaker (here: )
More pics are on my blog here:  and on Instagram here:
My own fluff for them is:
A pair of rare Okytus-Chactidae pattern Conveyors from the Aphyrion Forges advance across the rad wastes of Mezoa. The Okytus pattern is analogous with the more common Dunerider Skorpius STC variants. The Okytus relies on more traditional tracks for motive power compared to the troublesome repulsor technology of the Duneriders.

The venerable Okytus-Chactidae is most commonly seen in service alongside the Knights of House Hermetika carrying their Mezoan Skitarii support clades in to battle.

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