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-Snapdragon Miniature Painting

Let's enjoy a nice fish!  In this instance, the fish is a Reaper Bones Tiik Warrior.  I like to plan paint schemes based on old video games, because I can isolate the colors from the sprites to help with paint selection. This one started with the merman enemy from Castlevania:  Symphony of the Night, with a few artistic liberties.

My projects usually start by finding the volumes with black primer, a white zenith, a bright lamp, and taking reference photos.  

With that out of the way, a super messy (and fun) wet blended basecoat sets the stage.  Two passes of the same colors and technique achieve tonal variations and visually interesting color pollution.  

The olive drab wasn't doing it for me, so the green fins, gills and belly got another pass or two in a different shade of green.

An all over application of Citadel Cassandora Yellow unifies all the tones, and shifts the miniature towards the yellow spectrum.

Some highlights, sinister red eyes, grimy claws and a rusty blade finish the piece.  The base was made from air drying clay, dried plants, and water effects with some bones strewn about to accentuate the handle of the blade.  Satin varnish gives it that slimy, mucosal feel.

Full gallery on Instagram @snapdragonminis

It's summer here in the Pacific Northwest and to celebrate the coming of good weather (and fingers crossed a light fire season) I thought it would be a great time to do a What's On Your Table Giveaway.

If you have submitted anything this month or do so throughout the summer...... You are automatically entered into the giveaways. Here at Faeit 212 we will randomly select one person from everyone that submits to win a boxset of some type. We will do a giveaway for June, one for July, and finally one for August. 

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