The Gloomspite Gitz are up now for the army previews in the new edition of the Age of Sigmar.

via WarCom comments via Bryan Carmichael

Biggest Winners
So, we know that the Gloomspite Gitzs as a whole are set to become even more effective in the new edition, but which units benefit mostly from the updated rules? Thankfully, Bryan has some thoughts on them too – here are his top picks.

Loonboss on Mangler Squigs
Bryan:The tricksy Loonboss on Mangler Squigs is even more deadly. Already hard to pin down with The Clammy Cowl artefact and the Fight Another Day command ability, he can now make use of Roar to ensure the enemy remains at -1 to hit, even after he’s bounced to safety. He can boing into combat, then boing out again with Fight Another Day, and then use the Redeploy command ability to boing away to safety, making him a truly slippery little git!

Bryan: With the Gobbapalooza being purchased as a single choice and containing three Wizards, it’s the perfect unit to take advantage of the change to how predatory endless spells work. Couple it with three cheap predatory spells that cause mortal wounds, and keep them within 18″ of the group for a cackling festival of destruction for your opponent to deal with.

Loonsmasha Fanatics
Bryan: With All-out Attack making Loonsmasha Fanatics hit on a 3+ instead of 4+, you can ensure these whirling dervishes of mayhem maximise their damage in their short-lived existence.

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