Its rather 3 and they come up with the count of 5 because you can get two of these new action figures unpainted so that you can do it yourself to show more texture and depth in the paint scheme.

So we have the Blood Angels Hellblaster, the Blood Angels Primaris Lieutenant, and the Battle Sister of the Adeptas Sororitas.

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 five new additions, two of whom you may have seen back in October

Blood Angels Hellblaster…

… a storied hero of the Imperium in the form of a Blood Angels Primaris Lieutenant (and a super-shiny one at that)…

… and a Battle Sister of the Adepta Sororitas.

Each action figure stands a towering 7″ tall and features up to 22 different points of articulation that let you reposition them in dozens of different poses, from standing imperiously, weapons at the ready, to kneeling and taking aim.

The Battle Sister can be equipped with a boltgun, chainsword, or both, while the Hellblaster bears an enormous, two-handed plasma incinerator – all the better to, er, incinerate his foes. The Primaris Lieutenant comes with a power sword and plasma pistol, which he can use in either hand (Space Marines are ambidextrous, after all). They even come on their own round bases, just like miniatures.

Both Blood Angels come pre-painted. The Hellblaster’s armour bears the markings of a Fire Support Squad – more specifically, the 7th Squad of the 2nd Company – while the Primaris Lieutenant’s armour is bedecked in the more ostentatious manner favoured by Blood Angels officers, such as his peer, Tolmeron.

Similarly, the Battle Sister comes painted in the iconic black armour and crimson habit of the Order of Our Martyred Lady.

However, if you’d rather paint them up in the colours of your choosing, you can grab yourself the Artist’s Proof edition of the Primaris Hellblaster and Battle Sister. Essentially, this is a fancy way of saying that they come supplied in a matt grey finish, making them easy to paint yourself with Citadel paints.

These fantastic new action figures will be available to order from in the UK and Europe from Saturday the 12th of June, so whether you want a pre-painted version or would rather paint your own, make sure you don’t miss out. 

If you live in North America, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer to get your hands on these action figures – the Hellblaster and the Battle Sister will be available on the 24th of July in the States. Also, the Blood Angels Primaris Lieutenant is exclusively available from Walmart if you live in North America. It’s sold out online at the moment, but investigate your local brick and mortar Walmart store and you might just find one, Emperor-willing.

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