The Daughters of Khaine are here and its time to see what will be in the new edition Age of Sigmar.

via WarCom

Biggest Winners
As with every faction, some units have received an especially large boost from the new edition. In this section, Chuck picks his top three choices from the Daughters of Khaine who’ve gained the most power from the updates to the game’s core rules.

Sisters of Slaughter
Chuck: Sisters of Slaughter have always been a popular choice for Daughters of Khaine players. As a Battleline unit with a 6″ pile-in, they’re used to attack units that would normally be out of reach, allowing the murderous aelves to get the first strike in. The 2″ range on their melee weapons really helps out with the new coherency rules, making Sisters of Slaughter a great choice for your reinforced units.

A larger unit also allows you to use Rally to its full effect. With each 6 you roll returning a model to the unit, the Daughters of Khaine now have the ability to regrow their numbers and keep spilling blood for their god.

Avatar of Khaine
Chuck: The Avatar of Khaine is a Totem, letting it issue orders to units within 18″ and making sure that those vital commands can be delivered to even your most far-reaching units. The All-out Attack command ability can give the Avatar of Khaine great consistency, hitting on 2+ with its melee and ranged attacks.

Bloodwrack Medusa
Chuck: Bloodwrack Medusae, either mounted on a shrine or on ‘foot’, are going to be very valuable Heroes in the new edition. Not only can they take advantage of heroic actions, but they can use the Unleash Hell command ability to utilise their Bloodwrack Stare shooting attack. With a 12″ range and no roll to hit required, it handily weakens a charging enemy unit with mortal wounds, making the slaughter all the easier for your other units.

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