Sons of Behemat are up for a preview today. See what is coming for the Age of Sigmar 3.0

via WarCom

Biggest Winners
Let’s be honest, with any units in your army able to take advantage of the new monstrous rampages, the entire faction could be classed as a big winner in the new edition. However, Ricky reckons that two Sons of Behemat units in particular have benefitted the most.

Mancrusher Gargants
Ricky: These smaller gargants (relatively speaking) give you access to more bodies, and also offer some serious punch and a lot of speed. Their Keep Up ability allows them to charge even if they run in the movement phase as long as a Mega-Gargant is within 12”, letting them close for combat rapidly.

The Oi, You! Yes, You! Charge! command ability of the Stomper Tribes speeds them up even further, making Mancrushers a potential Turn 1 threat for your opponent to consider during deployment.

Mancrushers also have a vicious ranged attack which can be applied to all of your nearby Mancrusher units with another Stomper Tribes battle trait, Grab Those Rocks And Chuck ’Em at Somethin’. For a predominantly close-combat army, this can give you some serious ranged firepower.

Gatebreaker Mega-Gargants
Ricky: I think the Gatebreaker is my favourite of the three Mega-Gargant variants. They’re absolute beasts in combat, and now get even deadlier with command abilities like All-out Attack. The monstrous rampage ability Titanic Duel really lets him show who’s king of the Monsters. You can also plan that big turn to call upon the Finest Hour heroic action for +1 to wound rolls and +1 to save rolls for the rest of the turn, allowing the Gatebreaker to really be a force of nature when it is needed.

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