The Cities of Sigmar is a big favorite within the Age of Sigmar and today we get a preview of what to expect in the new edition for them. 

via WarCom

Biggest Winners
The Cities of Sigmar are blessed with a number of units that benefit enormously from the changes to the game’s Core Rules. We’ll hand you over to Jack once more to discuss his top three unit choices from their roster in the new edition.

Shadow Warriors
Jack: Units that can start off the table are incredibly useful, as they can’t be killed before they do something, and your opponent has to plan for them being able to appear anywhere. Shadow Warriors can be Battleline units if you have an Assassin as your general, meaning you can take them in units of 30 with a double reinforcement. Deploy them in cover and unleash 30 shots hitting on 2+ and wounding on 3+ with Rend -1. When an opponent tries to charge them, you can spend a command point to shoot again with Unleash Hell before striking with up to 60 attacks in combat. Not bad at all.

Demigryph Knights
Jack: Multiple small units of powerful Demigryph Knights will give your opponents plenty to deal with. Use All-out Defence to increase their survivability and ensure they’ll be around to devastate the foe with their charging lances. Having a Freeguild General on Griffon nearby is also really helpful to bolster their charges and to hit rolls with his Rousing Battle Cry.

War Hydras
Jack: These Monsters are great all-rounders. They have a shooting attack, and with either All-out Attack or All-out Defence to bolster them in combat, they can either survive and heal, or they deal plenty of damage. The monstrous rampage abilities also provide really good utility. Two Hydras cost you fewer points than a single Monster for many other armies and give you threats for each flank that can’t be ignored.

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