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I just thought I would share my most recent Predator tank. I have yet to see one of this model used anywhere and it is a shame as it is nice stand in for a predator. It's a FMRIR tank from shieldwolf miniatures and after I finished it to where I was happy, I placed it next to the other two tanks I already have. 

It does show up how much better I am now than I was a few years ago (as well as the paint shades changing slightly which is the most visible on the purple portions of the models.)  it does mean that I now have a project for after I finish my pile of stuff which is revisiting my older models in this army and giving them a spruce up. 

The FMRIR is a tad bit larger than the normal GW predator tanks and the FW Deimos variant but looks excellent all the same. In addition, the resin of the model was of good quality but once constructed did require some filling. If I do add more predator tanks in the future, I'll definitely get some more (and perhaps some of their rhino equivalents).


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