Anvil Industries preview into July....... 

had to show the entirety of their preview. Very cool. This is for their 3d Print Patreon.

ATTN : Operations Director


Our research laboratory on Basement Level 8 has not filed scheduled reports for 2 days now. Employee logs show no personnel have entered or exited the level recently which is strange

The power and network connections to the lab appear to have been disconnected from inside the lab. We were able to recover some partial CCTV feeds.

Audio similarly degraded. Transcript: " ... Int-r-st-n-   Re-ct-on ... "

Our management team was not able to find details of the research being undertaken.

As a precaution, we have deployed an armed Alpha Security team to open up the level and locate missing personnel.

I trust this will be sufficient. Expect a full status report shortly

Sector 4 Management.



Alpha Team Report:

It appears some lab equipment has been damaged and the technicians are not at their stations.

The evacuation protocols have left many workstations in good condition.

 Alpha team will now move deeper into the facility to recover personnel, collect critical experiment data and ascertain the cause of the communication blackout




Our audio and video feeds from Alpha team abruptly ceased almost 8 minutes ago now. We heard what sounded like a  struggle and weapons being discharged but cannot confirm. What the hell was going on in that lab??

Here is the last static image from the Alpha Team feed. Something appears to be seriously wrong with our personnel!! 


Sector 4 Management

Stand down and follow Code 3 evacuation procedures for the rest of the facility. Do not cause any undue alarm by sharing any information from the Lab. Everything is under control.

As a precaution I am deploying our Bravo Security Team from HQ, they will be on location in less than 10 minutes.  Ex-Military, they will have no problem dealing with any problems.


Operations Director


Bravo Team: Sector 4 Immediate Deployment. Capture/Kill Mission.

After a failed recovery effort, you are to deploy on the assumption all targets are hostile. Lethal force is authorised. 

Your equipment summary is below. Respirator use is strongly advised.

- Level B \\ Type 2 Hazardous Materials Suit, sealed at neck, wrists, and ankles.  

- SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) unit advised. includes flow regulator and readout monitor. [Non-compulsory] 

- Torso composite ballistic plate armour available at the user's discretion.

"Millennium" Gasmask with Level B \\  Type 2 hood. Includes forehead lamp. 

- Direct feed to SCBA via Kevlar covered hose. 

- Head-mounted camera with broadcast connection to HQ.

- Hardened toe caps and knee pads. Sealed ankle seams. Combat webbing.

- Sidearm (Glock 19 with Targeting laser and Flashlight) available at user's discretion


Standard Weapon: One of either: 

- H&K 416 CQB.  Optional attachments include; 

  •  Iron Sights. 
  • EoTech 552 holographic sight. 
  • AN/PEQ-15 targeting laser.  

- Origin 12 Shotgun with 30 Round Drum Magazine. Optional attachments include; 

  • Iron Sights. 
  • AN/PEQ-15 targeting laser.
  • Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor.

Intel suggests the threat level may have been underestimated, so as a precaution, one member of the team may deploy with :

XM214 "Microgun" 

  • Self-stabilising hip-mounted rig reduces recoil to a manageable level.
  • 1500 round backpack-mounted ammunition feed.

Mission commences immediately. Failure is not an option.

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