Flesh Eater Courts are up next in line to see what is coming for the new edition Age of Sigmar. 

via WarCom

Biggest Winners

Ghoul King on Terrorgheist
Ricky: This Monster is my hot pick for the new edition. The All-out Attack command ability makes a Royal Terrorgheist’s damage output much more reliable. The rules for monstrous rampages and heroic actions are really cinematic, and Titanic Duel in particular makes it even easier to hit other Monsters without needing to spend a command point. Also very important is the increase to his survivability from Royal Blood, combined with the heroic action Heroic Recovery.

Varghulf Courtier
Ricky: A Varghulf is a key source of healing, replenishing the units around it with Muster Royal Household ability. It’s also great for supporting your units with the new Rally command ability in the hero phase, which can reinforce depleted units. The Varghulf is another unit that can combine Heroic Recovery with an innate heal, keeping it alive and your other units going.

Crypt Flayers
Ricky: These fast, flying knights will likely be at the forefront of many Flesh-eater Courts forces. The speed of Crypt Flayers (a 14″ Move characteristic for Blisterskin Grand Court) and the new redeployment abilities offer a lot for objective and mission play. Play them aggressively, and use the Unleash Hell command ability to dissuade chargers. Their Death Scream shooting attack doesn’t roll to hit, making it extra deadly here, and it causes masses of damage to low Bravery foes.

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