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Don't forget we have a Summer Giveaway going on now. Details at the bottom of the article.

It's Dr. Longdongle here with a couple of things I've been working on.. 
The Dwarf one I actually started 20 years ago, but then got side-tracked by armies, life and other projects, and the chaos toilet I've had sitting around since the mid 80's. I've not painted for "fun" in about 20 years. Yes, armies and things are fun, but just the simple joy of grabbing a random mini that has nothing to do with anything else and painting it up, feels like ye olden dayes when I started. 

Thanks for looking! 


It's summer here in the Pacific Northwest and to celebrate the coming of good weather (and fingers crossed a light fire season) I thought it would be a great time to do a What's On Your Table Giveaway.

If you have submitted anything this month or do so throughout the summer...... You are automatically entered into the giveaways. Here at Faeit 212 we will randomly select one person from everyone that submits to win a boxset of some type. We will do a giveaway for June, one for July, and finally one for August. 

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