Every once in awhile I come across something new like this June release from 3darkdigital's Patreon for 3D printing. This is an amazing set and while its part 2 for the Coralan Kingdom releases its well worth getting and signing up for it. If you do it looks like there is a discount to get part 1 (which does not look as big, but most likely well worth it). 

There are a lot of things that make this release very cool. 3dartdigital looks rather new to the scene (a few months in) and if this is a sign of how things are going to be for them in the future they have my subscription.

Things to look and see. And Yes it all appears to be presupported!

  • Did you see the size of that Crab Monster!
  • Size of the release is very good. Lots here. 
  • Modularity to make our armies with! Love that.
  • Terrain. What?..... excellent.
  • and Did you see the size of that Crab Monster! its worth repeating how awesome that miniature is.

3dartdigital Patreon: $10 June Release

Oh yea.,
lets see what the previous month was.... Part 1.....

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