A big reveal coming? GW is saying that it will be one of the biggest announcement of the year. I suppose the biggest part of this is the "Animation is just the beginning" part. It will be interesting to see what the draw is, after all going to a streaming service is a big jump from the hobby and into entertainment. The competition for those dollars is a whole lot bigger than Games Workshop. 

via WarCom

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the fantastic animated projects coming soon to Warhammer fans everywhere, and how they’ll be available through a new service called Warhammer+. It’s a big deal, and we get to learn everything about it this Wednesday.

Fantastic Warhammer Animations like Angels of Death and Hammer and Bolter are only the tip of the iceberg. Trust us, if you are a fan of any part of Warhammer, you want to join us on Wednesday to find out more.

This is going to be one of the biggest announcements of the year

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