The Genesys Project thrives on customization and interactive gameplay. Yesterday we talked about vehicle customization and began with a few of the basics concepts. Lets pick up where we left off.

Primer Part 1
Vehicle Design and Customization Primer Part 1: The Genesys Project

Primer Part 2
Lets start off with Weapons, because its one of the most fun places to be.

Weapon Mounts on Vehicles:
Any Heavy Cannons, or Firearms can be used with your vehicle, if any class has access to the weapon. They have a point cost equal to the cost of the weapon and must be mounted as noted below. Weapon Strength allowed on the vehicle is limited to the Highest Toughness value of the Vehicle.
All weapons are considered to have plenty of ammunition for the battle, and do not deplete or need reloading, even when firing automatic weapons.

A crew member must be dedicated to the firing of each weapon. Obviously crew and Core Systems limit the number of weapon systems you can load onto a vehicle. However, it is possible to increase these.

Turret: Turrets have a 360 degree arc of fire and are built in weapon systems, able to be fired from within the vehicle without exposing the crew. A turret must be placed on the top or bottom of the vehicle, and as such limits firing to what is seen from the center of the turret

Fixed Mounting: Fixed Weapons require the vehicle to be facing the target. A such the Weapon has a stronger structural housing enabling weapons to be up to 2 strength higher than normal. A Fixed Mounting can only fire in a 90 degree angle of its facing.

Coaxial weapons sit alongside the primary armament of the vehicle, allowing for greater versatility in battle. These weapons can be fired instead of a Turret or Fixed mounted weapon and have the same firing arcs as their primary weapon. Coaxial Weapons do not need a seperate crew member to fire.

Pintle Mounts are secondary weapons strength 6 and under, that can rotate and traverse a 270-degree arc. These weapons must be Strength 6 or less. Pintle Mounts can be installed to face the direction of choice. The direction of the weapon on the model indicates the front arc of the weapon.

Swing Mounts function identical to Pintle Mounts but have a greater 360-degree arc of fire due to more sophisticated mounting.

Side Sponsons: Side sponsons are mounted on the sides of vehicles, and in some cases underneath. Having full arcs only on the side of the vehicle they are on, determining line of sight from the center of the mounting. Side sponsons are rare, but can field any type of heavy military cannon or firearm available.

Now that we have discussed the basics of vehicles (but ignored advanced ones like walkers), there are three starting points for your vehicles, and here are the starting stat lines for them.

These are Common Vehicles, and there is a list of Core Systems can that can be added.

Personal vehicles like motorcycles and other single crewed vehicles.
Strength: 3  Toughness: 5  Movement: 6- wheeled
Power: 3      Core Systems: 1
Mtn: 7          Rtn: 7
Crew Compartment: 1- Open
Mounted Combat Bonus 1
Passenger capacity: 1 -Open

Light Vehicles are light armored transports or fast moving vehicles.
Strength: 5  Toughness: 7  Movement: 5 -wheeled
Power: 6      Core Systems 2
Mtn: 5         Rtn: 7
Crew: 3 protected 1
Passenger Capacity: 5- protected 1

Heavy Vehicles are Main Battle Tanks and Heavily Armored Vehicles with extra protection.
Strength: 5  Toughness: 9  Movement: 4 -Tracks
Power: 7      Core Systems: 3
Mtn: 5         Rtn: 7
Crew: 5- Enclosed
Passenger Capacity: 0 Enclosed

and last but least..... Here are some of the Common Core Systems you can add to your vehicle remembering that there are also advanced Systems that can take your vehicle design much further.

Core System Options
Built in Turret Weapon System Xpts: Integrated Weapon System (Turret)
Reinforced Armor  Increase Toughness 1 vs front/sides hits
Personal Carrier: Increase Passenger Capacity 5 for Light and Heavy vehicles
Transport Enclosure: Compartment Upgraded to Enclosed (Passenger)
Crew Mounted Weapon: Pintle Mounted Weapon
Xtra Crew Mounted Weapon: Pintle Mounted Weapon
Coaxial Smoke Launchers: Cover 1

Some examples of advanced vehicle attributes include, Hovercraft, Flight Capability (light and personal only), Increase Core Systems 1, Reactive Armor, Protected Power Core 1, Armor Composites, Deflector Shielding, Reinforced structural Support 2, Enhanced Firing Controls, Cybernetic Uplinks, and more.

The fun part of vehicle design is really making them work with your faction. From light scout vehicles, transports, and more, vehicles will add to a vital part of your Humanoid species.

Progress update: Right now only the Advanced Weapons and Equipment section of the Armory is left be wrapped up so that we can get these rules out those of you with product keys. Within the next few days.

Learn more and join the Open Beta for the Genesys Project. It's free to get your own unique product key, so that you can begin designing your own Faction, and get them onto the tabletop.

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