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Rumors: Primarch Lion El'Jonson Seen?

There are a lot of these rumors coming about, where someone says they have clearly seen boxes like this. Because I have seen so many of these appear I have mostly dismissed them, as they seem almost cut and paste at this point. Regardless, of how lethal the salt levels are on this, it's worth the discussion.

Please remember that this is a very salty rumor. However, with my favorite saying.... "Even a blind squirrel in the dead of winter will sometimes find a nut" lets check this out.

via Fulkes on Bolter and Chainsword
From /tg/. Take with salt. I will let more knowledgeable people debunk this:

Yesterday I could see some boxes folded (without content) but. Like the other time I could not see until they were opened, but something I've been able to see.
A box I saw clearly indicated the name lion el'jonson primarch of the dark angels, for the image uses the base of a dreadnought, with a very elaborate armor and in a dynamically superb pose. I was surprised that the armor is black instead of green.
More on the Lion's armour:
black with red and silver details

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