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Cybernetic Modification in the 2nd Age

Yesterday we looked at Electromechanic Bioengineering (Bionics) where you are able to replace physical parts of the body (arms, legs, organs) and even do a complete Neural Transfer to an artificial body. Where Bionics works on replacing the body, Cybernetics works on enhancing the neural functions of the body faster and more precise than a non-augmented body.

Cybernetics allows you to explore increased skills and computing, even allowing you to upload new skill programs into your soldiers. This can allow for quick and resolute altering of what weapons and equipment they can take to the battlefield.

Other applications include neural links to drones/robots, vehicles, and even mecha providing instantaneous connections to multiple core systems, reducing crew sizes and efficiency.

Evolutionary Branch_______________
Cybernetics takes and enhances the neural functions of a humanoids nervous system, processing information faster and more precise than an non-augmented body can. Artificial Intelligent applications interface with organic components greatly enhancing cognitive ability.
Sensitive neural connections make them vulnerable to EMPs (which can exhaust the model). Reduction in Willpower?
Cybernetic models use their willpower instead of power for their artificial parts. This is because they operate on the power of the bodies electrical impulses. A Cybernetic model has a maximum number of uplinked core systems it has under its control equal to its Willpower characteristic.
Soulless Models cannot take cybernetics.

Primary Traits
Neural Martial Modifications 5pts Apoc1: Modification Martial 1
Neural Ranged Modifications 5pts Apoc1: Modification Ranged 1

Secondary Traits
Cybernetic Upgrades 5/X pts (Armory) Apoc2: Training Uplink Programs (common and special weapons and equipment)
Regulating Data AI 8pts Apoc2: Increase Willpower 1
Machine interfacing 8pts Apoc2: Cybernetic Uplink
Neural Network Control 8pts Apoc2: Neural Drone Link 
Cybernetic Specialization Upgrades 10pts Apoc2: Modification 1 (Martial, Ranged, or Command)

Both Electromechanical Bioengineering and Cybernetics are Species Modifications. These are changes to your current race through technology (most of the time) to advance your species forward through the perils of the 2nd Age. So yes, your race of Shadowy Underworld Assassins might take on cybernetics to enhance themselves, while your front line soldiers become unyielding living machines of destruction. Any modification can be added to your Race of Fey, Giants, Dwarves, Aberrations, and much much more.

The Genesys Project Allows an unprecidented amount of customization for your faction. In Genesys, you are in control.

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