This needs a lot of salt, but Im going to bring it up anyhow. Did I mention add lots of salt? Anyhow we are all really looking towards any hints or ideas of what is to come for a rumored Eldar Truimvirate box set.

Please add plenty of salt on this.

via rumors on 4chan
I have see eldar boxes today, although I have not been able to make any photos, I have not been alone while leaving the boxes from the truck, but while working on the truck, they opened some 

Asdrubael Vect it's on a grav plataform and the platform looks like the image of rumour engine, the same box also brings 2 incubi but are very different from the current ones as with thicker armor, but none of the 3 miniatures look like the image of the red eldar of fall of cadia. 

There were other boxes containing larger boxes inside, but I've only seen a little piece of the side, in which an female eldar in a yellow and blue gown with the name ...of Iyanden (I could not see it all) under the portrait, the box was large so i guess that will contain more miniatures since it is bigger than the box of vect.

There is also this image that came up a ways back from Lady Atia that we have all seen, but it's worth mentioning again as we look for any hints of Eldar coming.

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