The Warhammer Community today is giving us a look at Inferno, The Horus Heresy Book VII. This is a long awaited book digging into censure and battle between the Space Wolves and Thousand Sons. Some amazing artwork as well.

Via Warhammer Community
excerpts of the full article

"The book will follow the structure of the previous 6 instalments in the series. A large chunk of this over-300-page tome is given over to the narrative of the story: the events that lead to Magnus’ censure, and the battle for the City of Light itself. "

"The Talons of the Emperor are also deployed in force (Legio Custodes and Sisters of Silence) and we also hear about some of the less well known forces, such as emissaries of the Warmaster, Mechanicus contingents and Solar Auxillia Regiments."

"That’s just the background though, and as you’d expect, there are also rules aplenty in the rest of the book, including over 100 pages of army lists, new units, Rites of War, missions, campaigns and a couple of Primarchs."

"Copies will be available first this weekend at the Horus Heresy Weekender and available very soon after for the rest of you."

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