The Genesys Project: About two weeks ago we released the 2nd Age to the Humanoid Primarius, taking your created races from the 1st Age in the Genesys Project into the future. The 2nd Age sits around modern times to plus 100years, bringing in lots of fun advancements into your faction.

Create Your Faction, Campaign through the 1st Age, Advance your Faction through the 2nd Age and far into the far reaches of the future, the 3rd and Final Age.

Now we are about to launch the first big update to the 2nd Age..... sit back because this is where it gets fun. The Updates will happen over the next couple of days, so stay tuned as we start talking about it, and the upcoming Fey

The 1st Age
Humanoids of the First Age struggle to gain a foothold on the Genesys Worlds, engaging in conflicts with another species both new and ancient. It is an age of violence and growth, and the fight for survival and dominance is an an everyday event.
Humanoids are quick to band together, forming kingdoms and alliances. They seem to always push exploration and seek to increase their knowledge of the worlds they live in. Those empires that cease or fear adaptation and learning often become stagnant and tend to crumble in upon themselves or fall to their more enterprising neighbors. This expansion is not looked upon favorably by others, and war always looms just around the corner.

The 2nd Age
This is the age of the apocalypse. As new technologies and forms of energy are harnessed, Humanoids teeter on the brink of self-determined annihilation. Most inevitably fall into ruin. In others, upheaval and the collapse of nations will push the cutting edge of Humanity, driving technologies, warfare, magic, and even the definitions of what defines your faction.
This is an age of a modern future, with implanted or genetically altered soldiers. Armored units, robotics, magic, and cybernetically enhanced warriors are yours to command.

In this update you'll find

  • Updates for Starting your Faction in the 2nd Age
  • Updates to Unit Classes and how you move forward from the 1st age to the second. 
  • New Traits including Scientific Discovery and Understanding to help push technology limits without pre-requisites and bypassing traits that could lead you into an apocalyptic event.
  • New Energy Weapon types, including, Direct Energy, Ion Particle, Plasma, and Etheric Weapons. These can include Melee Weapons as well as ranged rifles, pistols, and Cannons. 
  • Overly Powerful Magnetic Weapons which include Coil, Gauss, and Rail Weapons

  • Plus a big update on Armor and how it works for the Genesys Project. In essence this update allows for more distinction between mass and protective gear or additional armor allowing for certain weapons like beam weapons to bypass it. 

Don't Quite know what we are talking about?
The Genesys Project is in Beta testing for the Humanoid Primarius book. It includes the 1st and 2nd Age humanoid type races, where you get to create your own faction. The Genesys Project is all about customizing your own faction, weapons, equipment, spell powers, and including your own vehicles.

Need to see more.... Now is the time to do so. We are hard at work right now on the next Life Domain... The Fey.

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