The Creator Races had survived to reach Genesys, and when they arrived they discovered that a Great Serpent, the Leviathan protected the worlds. The Serpent lashed out, destroying all that approached. In desperation and using forbidden knowledge, the wounded last remaining of the Creator Races reached out deep into the Ether, hoping for an answer, a call for salvation.

The tides of death around Genesys had caused the Eternal Fey to stir to life. Theirs had been a long slumber and the tremendous loss of life was like a ripple across the cosmos that invigorated the Fey. 

Suddenly a beacon shone through time and space, and at that moment the Fey were there, forevermore existing in all times, past, future, and present.
The call had been answered. 

The Fey are Immortal and not of this world. They exist outside of reality, originating from beyond the Ethereal. Theirs’s is a realm of magic, light and darkness, the primordial elements of all that exists. For the Fey, Good and Evil are tangible and pure. Their eternal conflict and strife has brought the Fey to the Genesys Worlds. 
For the other domains, they Fey are mysterious entities either guiding the mortal races, or are full of contempt, appearing as Angels or Demons, primal entities, and ghosts.
Interaction with the Fey is difficult, and attempts from the Fey often appear as omens and prophecies. The Fey communicate by other means, their words sounding like beautiful sirens, demonic tongues, or the sounds of the wind and fire. Their language is incompressible to mortals. To themselves, each word draws forth images to those that hear, perfectly relaying the intent and purpose of their words.
For the Fey, the magic of the ether is but an impulse, able to be controlled and altered within their focus. 
The races of the Fey include many different variations, but include the Celestial, Infernal, Primal, Ethereal, Possessed, and the Undead. 

The mortal races, ever jealous of the Fey’s Immortality and power, sometimes seek hidden and forbidden knowledge. Those that succeed, often become vassals of possession, or worse, destroy themselves in the process achieving Lichdom or being cursed with vampirism. These few have joined the Fey, forever to be separated from their mortal origins. 

So how are the Fey different than Humanoids? Lets take a brief look at the creation of the a Fey Species

The Fey are Diametrically Opposed to Each Other. 
1. Select Your Path
First off, all Fey belong to the Path of Light or Darkness. Those that do not dwell in the Twilight. So when making a Fey Race, you first select your Path. What this does is give you the types of traits you can select and just how powerful of traits you can take.

For example, A species that follows the Light, cannot take traits from the Path of Darkness. They are allowed both Greater Traits and Powers from each sphere of influence (like the evolutionary branches) that is in the Path of Light. They may also take lesser traits within the Twilight Spheres, but no greater traits.

2. Trait Selection
Traits are divided into Lesser and Greater traits within each sphere, very similar to the Primary and Secondary Traits of the Humanoids. They work very similar with the exception that each trait selected within a sphere unlocks powers (Magic/Psychic abilities).

Even better, since the Fey are able to control these powers, taking additional traits within a single sphere allow you to manipulate X, which means increasing the strength of power.

3. The Variants
Variants of the Fey are as follows, and can be chosen from the appropriate Path

Celestial: Path of Light
Infernal: Path of Darkness
Primals: Paths of Twilight (think of the 4 elements that make up the worlds)
Ethereal: Path of Twilight (the 5th element, from which all life springs forth)

Undead: Path of Twilight (A crossover faction from Humanoids to Fey)
Possessed: Path of Twilight (A cross over faction from Fey to Humanoids

Literally out of time on this... But I will be back to continue this, and more of a look at the Humanoids Second Age.

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