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I built it quite a while ago actually and these are old pics but I never got round to submitting them. But anyway BEHOLD!!!


This beast took about a week to build and was completely made up as I went along (in true Orky fashion) it stands taller than a Stompa it's about 15" long and weighs about 2.5-3 Kg!

Now I LOVE building Ork vehicles (there's just so much freedom) so I put a lot of passion into this!... what's it made of? Well there's at least:

-A Baneblade
-A Landraider
-A Battlewagon
-A Big Gun
-A box of Goblin Town scenery
-A box of Grots
-And as many left over guns, bombs, cannons and anything else I could find (like the giant Shokk Attack gun made from a Doomsday Cannon) not to mention tons of scaffolding made from the sprues!

I put loads of small details into this too (too many to include in pictures) but there's loads of mini dioramas of arguing Grots, the Snotling getting eaten by a Squig and various other things. It's full of character!

This is also the biggest thing I've ever built too!

Anyway, hope you guys like it!!! ;)


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