These models caught our eyes quite some time ago, and just recently Tothe let us know that he did in fact order some and do a rather good indepth review of the models. It's seeing what he has to say about them.

Grishnak Models

via Tothe on Steemit   See the full review by checking out the link

I recently purchased a set of 5 War Maidens from Grishnak Models. Aside from their Russian-language page, there isn't much of a web presence. However, they can be reached via e-mail at This company created a minor stir in the gaming community about 6 months ago by releasing these models to the public, filling a niche for good proxy models to play Sisters of Battle in Warhammer 40,000

The price, including shipping, was just under US $33.00. Not bad for 5 models, a combi-weapon sprue, and international shipping. Five 25mm round bases were also included, which is to be expected, but isn't always actually provided.

I sent payment via Paypal on Oct. 30. Tracking information says they arrived at a Moscow post office on Nov. 5, were processed through Russian customs in 5 minutes on Nov. 6, and arrived at US customs Nov. 10. Delivery to my home in the western US was Nov. 16. This means it took just over 2 weeks in transit, including the US holiday weekend of Veterans Day. All told, I was satisfied with the entire process.

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