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Eldar Getting Renamed to Aeldari... and Dark Eldar will not be Dark Aeldari

New names for Eldar? AAAAAHHHHHH. Ok, Im done panicking, so we can now discuss this as reasonable adults.

Seriously. What do you think of the new name Aeldari? and just what do you think the Dark Aeldari will be named as.

This is from Lady Atia who found this.... and I went over there hunted it down and grabbed the piece on the Dark Eldar......(which you can find at the bottom of the post)

via Robbie MacNiven
"Oh please tell me the Eldar are getting renamed to Aeldari. That's such a good name."

Robbie MacNiven- "They are indeed, and I know Right?"

Of course it's also listed on their latest video here.