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Electromechanical Bioengineering: Bionics in the 2nd Age

The 2nd Age is out and it's time to explore one of the Modifications that can be applied to your Species as you make your way through it. Electromechanical Bioengineering is the replacement of organic parts with mechanical ones, also called Bionics. Taking the first steps to bionics is a simple one, easily done and with great modifications, including increased strength, speed, and toughness to your models.

While many factions will most likely stop at limb replacement, this is simply the tip of the iceberg. Artificial Organs and other advanced Bionic Upgrades can also be added to your soldiers. Advanced upgrades include addition strength, armor plating, and sensory upgrades.

Starting to feel less human yet?, then you haven't take the final step..... a complete Neural Transfer to an artificial body.

So yes, the future is waiting, but at what cost, and how far are you willing to push.

Electromechanical Bioengineering
The replacement of organic parts with mechanical ones is often referred to as bionics. The replaced body parts can be used to upgrade the body with faster and stronger components controlled by the neural synapse relays surgically implanted in the body. 

Primary Traits 

  • Replacement Limbs 3pts  1: Modification Strength Apoc1
  • Chest/Spine Reinforcements 5pts  Apoc2: Modification Toughness 1, Can no longer Channel (powers).
  • Replacement Legs 5pts Apoc1: Modification Movement 1

Secondary Traits 

  • Bionic Advanced Upgrades -/10pts (Armory)  Apoc3: Advanced Bionic Upgrades 10
  • Artificial Organs 8pts Apoc2: Organ Replacement
  • Neural Transfer 15pts Apoc6: Complete Neural Transfer, Can no longer Channel (powers)

Bionic Advanced Upgrades
  • Armor Plating 5pts: Modification Toughness 1
  • Backup Organ Systems 5pt: Unstoppable 0
  • Modification Strength 1 5pts
  • Modification Movement 1 5pts
  • Sensory Upgrades 5pts: Awareness 18, Night Sight

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