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I played her last Friday for the first time, rolling over some Eldar and Space Marines with her. Mostly support Units. It hit me that i want her as a distraction - and this part should also be visual on the table. 

The Model stands out ,so i thought it would be nice to paint something colorfull one time (geminie are still in the works). I just started half a year ago with painting, and i am still not good. But maybe if someone sees this, keep it up. It just gets better and better (oh dear my old mekboy, how cruel you look now)

I Used for the Wings, too get it bright (all Layer): Evils Sunz Scarlett, Troll Slayer Orange, Yriel Yellow, Moot Green, Lothern Blue, Geanstealer Purple - Also, Drawen BronzeCadian Flesh, Auric Armol Gold, Snot Green, Leadbelcher.

it was fun. And the next days the Gemini will follow x)
Regards Sven

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