The Genesys Project is about putting your armies under your own control, not just on what you field on the tabletop, but with a level of unprecedented design control over what your army's abilities and units have and the equipment they use. Ever wish your favorite gun for your army had a little longer range, or an extra point of strength? or even that you could field an extra heavy weapon with your unit? All of this is easily done with the Genesys Project and much more. Get ready for the next Age of Tabletop wargaming, 2017 is going to be a big one.

Lets talk about one of our favorites.... Vehicles. I mean who doesnt want to customize their APC's and Battle Tanks, or even create hovercraft or drones to hit the battlefield. Advancing further with additional traits we even have large Walkers, and Massive Battletanks.

Learn more and join the Open Beta for the Genesys Project. It's free to get your own unique product key, so that you can begin designing your own Faction, and get them onto the tabletop.

Here are the that we can talk further and be on the same page.
Vehicles have stat lines, we call characteristics, and even though living models and non-living have similar stats they work differently. Toughness for vehicles handled differently for vehicles in that this provides number of wounds you can take with your vehicle. You still get saves, but if your armor fails you suffer damage to your toughness, lowering by 1 (or more in some cases). A critical hit though..... and just say goodbye instantly. Booom.

Here is a look at some vehicle stats for Common Vehicles (yes there are advanced and heavier ones ones)
Light Vehicles are light armored transports or fast moving vehicles. 
Strength: 5  Toughness: 7  Movement: 5 -wheeled
Power: 6      Core Systems 2
Mtn: 5         Rtn: 7
Crew: 3 protected 1
Passenger Capacity: 5- protected 1

Strength? Yes they have strength, and this is because you can run people down. Obviously vehicles designed for melee combat have a more powerful strength that is closer to their toughness value.

Toughness: We discussed this above. Think of toughness like this. Weapons Strength 6 and lower are anti personal, and ones above are designed to kill bigger targets, like tanks, vehicles, massive giants, etc.

Movement is the number of inches a model can move. you can move up to x3 your movement. Within base movement is equal to not moving for heavy weapons. Some weapons require you to be stationary. in general though you can fire a ranged weapon up to x2 movement, and if you wish to use up your action.... you can do a move action and move a total of x4.

Power: This takes the place of Willpower for the non-living, and defines their power source, electrical components, etc. Those already deep into Genesys might notice that Willpower is something of the same in living models, as willpower is your own personal energy or ability to channel it, and more. Ethereal Weapons strike at a living models Willpower instead of toughness. However for vehicles....there is a whole level of Electronic Warfare. EMI weapon systems are a reality in Genesys, and protecting your electronic systems sometimes just as important, especially once the Fey enter.

Core Systems: Core Systems defines how many things can be applied to your vehicle during it's design. This can be increased on occasion, but for the most part fixed weapons, and added abilities takes up these slots.

Mtn and Rtn: these are target numbers to hit your vehicles for either Melee combat or Ranged combat. These are adjusted due to battle circumstances.

Crew: Yes, your crew can targeted unless completely they are enclosed. there are three types of compartments: Open, Protected, and Enclosed. Protected 1 means the models get a +1 to cover while inside the vehicle. Make certain you give these guys side arms, incase they need to fight on their own.

Passenger Capacity: Any squads or combinations of squads can hop in and ride, and this lets you know how many, and if they are in an open, protected, or enclosed compartment of the vehicle.

Weapons: Its' vital to know that any weapons in your faction, even those known by other classes can be mounted onto your vehicles. However, not every vehicle can be mounted with heavy cannons. Weapons cannot be mounted onto your vehicle that have a strength higher than your Toughness. At least not without an upgrade.

This got longer than I expected, with a lot more detail than I was originally intending. So lets keep going, and I will do a part 2. After all we are only so many days away now from releasing the next large update for the Genesys Project, and this is a great lead in.

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