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Faeit 212 Blog Exchange

The Faeit 212 BlogExchange has for years been a great place to connect up with 100's of blogs with tons of hobby content. When it vanished one day (thanks google), it was a big loss, but we have been slowly rebuilding the Exchange quickly over the last month or so. Quite literally I think we have been adding 2-4 new sites a day since it's been back up.

What is the Faeit 212 BlogExchange?
Quite simply it's an exchange of two sites getting on each other's blog rolls. What this does is create a community network of sites, that over the years was well over 700+ sites. I want to get this going again, and make it stronger than ever. So if you want to get your site set up on the BlogExchange, shoot me an email at

What are the requirements? Unlike many places, there is no 3-6 months being around required. No requirement for writing articles on Faeit 212. The only requirement is that your site be somehow related to tabletop gaming and be appropriate for all ages.

Been wanting to start a new blog? Get it going, post up an article or two, and shoot me an email. Tabletop Gaming is in such a wonderful place nowadays, that this is a great time to jump in and become part of a greater community.