Again by far, Battle Bunnies produces when it comes to pics coming out of events. Definitely worth checking out these pics and intel on upcoming releases, like Adeptus Titanicus.

A huge thanks to the guys and gals over at Battle Bunnies. This is but a small sampling of the pics they took, so you need to head on over there to see all that was going on at the event.

via Drake Seta, Kaelo Rylanus, and Lady Atia over on Battle Bunnies

Lots of pics

Adeptus Titanicus News
Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Some informations regarding the upcoming Adeptus Titanicus:
- Adeptus Titanicus is delayed (it was originally planned to be released around february). Not being rushed out. Might be out before the end of the year.

- There will be complete plastic buildings (which you can destroy yourself, by cutting etc).
- Thanks to Blood Bowl, and the delay there is a possibility of plastic Titans which go on sale at the same time as the black book / resin ones.
- The book art for 'Titan's Death' is being worked on right now.

Blood Bowl news
Howdy Guys and Girls - Blood Bowl news!

- We will see Dwarfs in January
- We will get the Goblins in April
- Orks and Humans will get seperate releases for their sprues
- Plastic Ogre is done - maybe released in January. Plastic Troll is finished too!

- They are currently sculpting a fat skaven star player

- Grim Ironjaw (currently sculpted)
- Dead zone season 2 coming in April with 2 Skaven special characters (amongst more).

- There will be a Skaven booster done in Resin but with styles to match the plastic (2-3 new Gutter runners included).
- Zugg was here today (sold out quick)
- Skaven and Dwarf board is being produced now. Will be released soon.
- Snow board will be restocked soon

- Blood Bowl has done better than all GW expectations (they should listen to the community more).

Faeit 212 Community News

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