3 New Pics for the Stormcast Eternals.....

Im not quite certain how I feel about the first two pics, but I am hoping that I like them better when we get more pics of them, or I get to see them in person. The third image from Warhammer Community looks much better.

via aracerssx (thanks for linking us up)

via Lady Atia on War of Sigmar

via Warhammer Community

Lets just take a moment to appreciate what just might be the best looking Stormcast Eternals miniature we’ve seen to date…
Ok, ready?

The Gryph-charger is clearly of the same origin as Gryph-hounds, whether magical or biological, but of an order of magnitude larger. It stands taller than a Demigryph, though is less stockily built – looking sleeker and faster than the noble mounts of the Freeguild Knights. 

The Stormcast himself is wearing armour in keeping with the lighter sigmarite plate of the new Stormcast Eternals Rangers we saw on Monday, but more ornate. This hero is in fact a Lord-Aquilor, who are the leaders of this new breed of Stormcast Eternals.

He is just one of the new kits that will be accompanying the new Stormcast Eternals Battletome in February.