The Warhammer Community really did give us next week's releases, along with a look ahead at the rest of January. No prices or exact list, but a preview is just as good for now. Here is what they gave us alongside the video from earlier.

 via Warhammer Community
You can see the entire article by following the link

Next week, the mortals are reinforced by (or in some cases, transformed into) Tzaangors: herds of durable and lethal warriors who march to war under the gaze of disk-riding Shamans and supported by the fate-blessed arrows of the Tzaangor Skyfires.

Later in the month, the Realm of Chaos opens fully and Daemons join the battle. A set of Blue and Brimstone Horrors, that can either be used in your force from the get go, or be spawned when a Pink Horror dies. The Changeling throws off its disguise, too, and unveils a new warping form.

Greatest of all though, is the new Lord of Change. Lords of Change are some of the most powerful Daemons in Tzeentch’s realm. This incredible new kit can be built several ways, including as the duplicitous Kairos Fateweaver, the two-headed Daemon of past and future fates.

Lots more to look forward too.

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